Burger Review: Taste Kitchen – Mercato, Dubai

Taste Kitchen Dubai Burger Review

I’m on a bit of a burger kick at the moment. It’s kind of the opposite of a health kick. A combination of my visit to NYC and my ever escalating Food TV addiction seems to have ignited a passion for meat sandwiches that had lay dormant for most of my life. So I now find myself on a self-appointed quest to find the best burgers in my home town, Dubai, and around the globe.

Unfortunately, when one is on the quest for the Prince of Burgers, (not to be confused with the Burger King), one must kiss a few frogs. And by frogs, I mean really awful burgers. Will Taste Kitchen’s burger be princely, or just downright Kermit?

Taste Kitchen is set inside one of Dubai’s ‘interestingly themed’ boutique shopping malls in a well to-do area, contained inside a cage like structure. This should have been the first warning sign that the cuisine might be more penitentiary than extraordinary. Well, it was definitely extra ordinary anyway.

Taste Kitchen Dubai Burger ReviewWhat I ordered..

TK Beef Burger and Fries – 55

(fries swapped out for salad)

Well, I guess technically it’s a burger. It’s a meat patty in a bun. There wasn’t much else inside this mysterious burger, but then I guess the menu didn’t promise anything other than beef. I’m not used to menus being this literal though!

I’m not sure if the kitchen had suddenly run out of supplies, but I was pretty surprised to open the burger up and despite a thorough hunt, finding not a heck of a lot inside. A dry, very dense beef patty is the main event here, topped with a smushed up, runny dressing of sorts that contained some tomato, pickles, onion and LOTS of mustard. Lots, and lots, and lots of mustard. Pretty much the only flavour in this burger is mustard. Yikes. I wasn’t left asking, ‘Where’s the beef?’, but more like, ‘Where’s the rest of the freaking burger contents??!?!’. At 55 dhs I was left pretty flabbergasted. Are they kidding here? Somehow I think I missed the punchline.

Taste Kitchen Dubai Burger ReviewThe bun wasn’t great either, but it wasn’t as bad as the bread we were served to start – I judge a restaurant by it’s bread, and the awful, dry bread that was dished up should have been a clear warning sign that what was to follow wasn’t going to set the tastebuds on fire.

They may have christened this on the TK burger, but as far as ratings go, this one is getting a big fat F.

The Burger Verdict: 3/10

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