Sloane’s – Grosvenor House, Dubai

Dining here for breakfast post-stay at Grosvenor House, we arrive at 10am (today last call is at 11am) and the restaurant is packed with holiday makers.

It’s an extensive spread, larger than most breakfast buffets that I have eaten at and almost segueing into the lunch area too, which is great for guests who want to get a serious refuel in before exploring the city or beach for the day. Work up an appetite and go hungry!

There’s a lot of choice – whether you’re trying to stay healthy, pack in the protein post morning gym workout, want to try some local flavours or just craving something sweet. Probably the most prominent category on offer is the sweeter side of things – donuts, Special K muffins (I think that somewhat defeats the purpose of Special K does it not?) cakes aplenty, and a freshly made waffles/pikelets/crepes station. I gave in and couldn’t resist trying the latter! The waffles/pikelets/crepes were all tasty although all very similar. There are a lot of sugar marinated fruits to accompany which were a little too sweet for me, and it seemed a lot of the fresh fruit such as bananas had run out by this point of the morning. Not too bad though.

We tried two omelettes that were made to order, one conventional omelette and one Indian inspired version. The conventional omelette was mouth burningly spicy with what I can only guess was chili, so one bite was enough for me. Might pay to specify to the chef if you don’t like things insanely hot! The sautéed mushrooms and creamed spinach were great, as was the halloumi – this is something you don’t see at a breakfast buffet too often, a nice touch.

There’s pork on offer for those that desire it, though I found the bacon to a bit of a strange flavour compared to what I’m used to. Chicken and turkey alternatives are on offer for non-pork eaters.

Indian and local food options are also available, plus sushi, a salad bar, salmon, cheese, cereal, porridge and more. One thing I thought was pretty cool about this buffet is it includes some options for those with special dietary needs – gluten and dairy free cakes, cereals and breads. That’s pretty progressive, should keep the whole family happy. Still further, there’s the usual juices, fruits and breads as one would expect.

I think you’d be pretty hard pressed to be unable to find something to fuel you at this buffet! The venue could use a revamp, it does feel a bit dated and looks original to the 11 year old build, and the presentation could definitely use some sprucing up to elevate this to a 5 star hotel buffet. Not a bad way to start your day in Dubai and certainly the huge selection should see you through many hours of exploring until the hunger pangs rise again.

The Verdict:

Food: 6/10
Service: 7/10
Ambience: 5/10
Decor: 5/10
Value: 7/10
Overall Rating: 6/10


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