Sky Bar – Bangkok, Thailand

Here’s one you might have seen before – if you’ve seen The Hangover 2 that is. You’re certainly reminded that this venue is film worthy, even before you’ve stepped into the lift to deliver you to this Bangkok famous rooftop bar (they proudly display pull up banners boasting their film set fame). That alone should send off warning bells…

Arriving at the Iebua State Tower, all seems well from the outside – but once you step into the lobby, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve been delivered to the wrong place. The ground floor of the building looks, well, a tad abandoned save for a couple of small Thai massage joints. Lacking atmosphere is an understatement. Feeling a little confused, we searched on and eventually found the lift foyer to reach Sky Bar at the back of the ground floor, tucked away to the left.

Journeying up, you enter a somewhat dated foyer with a restaurant and small crowded terrace – and you’ll be informed that Sky Bar doesn’t open until 6pm. We arrived at 5:50pm, and that’s perfect timing if you want a prime position for sunset photos. You’ll have to jostle for premium position, as tourists are ready and waiting to pounce on this well known hotspot.

Entering the Sky Bar itself, I was surprised to see there are tables for dining (these are usually all reserved and you won’t be allowed to sit at them), but no bar seating. This spot feels like it is made to churn through the customers, hence you have to stand while you sip and snap so you don’t get too cosy and stay without spending $$$. Further reinforcing the desire to burn through the customers, is the pricing. It’s sky high, no pun intended. It’s like they anticipate that you’re just here for a photo op, likely to be willing to pay through the nose for your one drink and then leave. When you’re paying around 1000 baht per drink once taxes are included, it’s likely that’s all you’ll stay for. For the prices, you would think they could maintain the venue much better. It’s dated, and the building is rather grimy. Feels like a desperate grab for tourist dollars, else they would update the decor and keep it to a much higher standard. Sure, you can have dinner here and gaze at the view all night – if you have deep pockets that is – but I think you’d be better off spending your money at venues renown for their food, and Bangkok has plenty. It’s got great views of the sunset and river combined – but Moon Bar offers a much more hospitable spot if you plan on staying for a few, with almost as good a view.

Go for a drink, take lots of photos, and move on. It’s a tick the box kind of place.

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