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Saan Ponsonby Review Metro Top 50 Auckland

I love Thai food, whether it’s dining out or whipping up something at home. Hearing the rave reviews about new Ponsonby establishment Saan, I knew I had to taste what all fuss was about. Coming from the Cafe Hanoi and XuXu Dumpling bar stable, I’ve got high hopes.

Being a Metro Top 50 restaurant, I was more than surprised to see a rather empty dining room at 8pm on a Thursday night. I’m told they only allow reservations on half of their tables and keep the other half for walk-ins – so if like me you’re a late planner, this might be your best bet in town for a great meal at short notice.

snapseedThe menu looks unbelievably divine, but once I roll out my seafood allergy I’m down to slim pickings as most meat dishes contain fish sauce. I’m not too worried as I love vegetarian fare and I am in no way scared of tofu – on the upside, a limited menu just makes choosing easier! Allergy free peeps, you may struggle as there are almost too many amazing sounding dishes on the menu to choose from. I want to give them a HUGE congrats on their allergy menus though – no sooner had I mentioned ‘no seafood’ than a new seafood-free menu was placed in front of me. I’m so impressed to see a restaurant take the initiative, if only all restaurants were this thoughtful.

What we ordered…

Small Plates

Puak Tod (v) $11

Deep-fried shredded taro & bean curds with herb-salt & homemade sweet chilli sauce

Sai Krok Isaan $16/200g

Isaan pork sausages with lightly pickled ginger, green chilli, shallot & blackened peanuts

Miang Jin Nuea $15

Semi cured beef on khom leaves with peanuts, toasted coconut, crispy shallots & tamarind chilli jam
Large Plates

Pad Pak (v) $14

Spicy stir fry of straw mushroom, seasonal greens, hard tofu, garlic & chilli

Sao Isaan (v) $22

Wok seared Asian eggplant with tofu, straw mushroom & lemongrass
Sticky rice $3

The wine list is a good one, and it felt more reasonably priced than some of the other top Auckland establishments. On hearing that we were deliberating between the Bogle Chardonnay and the Milton Viognier, we were offered tastes of both – amazing service! I absolutely adore all of the offerings from Milton – if you ever see them on a wine list, do not be afraid to order with confidence. The Milton Viognier’s smooth and subtle fruit driven sweetness is a perfect match for the fiery Thai cuisine on offer – highly recommended.

Saan Ponsonby Auckland Review Metro Top 50

Puak Tod

Our three starters arrive looking super fresh and covered in herbs…something I LOVE to see. I’ll take all the coriander you’ve got, and this coriander looks beautiful (oh how I miss herbs that are actually flavourful living in the UAE). The standout of the three is the Puak Tod, something I’ve never heard of let alone tasted before. Move over onion bhaji, this is the new deep fried vege morsel du jour. A crispy bundle of taro and bean curds, these taste amazing. Put these on your must order (and must reorder) list.

Saan Ponsonby Auckland Review Metro Top 50

Sai Krok Isaan

The Isaan pork sausages are certainly interesting, and flavourful – but the dish on the whole was a bit dry for me and felt like it was screaming out for a dipping sauce or dressing of some kind to complete it. It’s definitely something I’ve never tasted when dining out Thai style before, and the third dish also fell into the ‘creative’ category. I think from my poor menu interpretation I had visions of medium rare seared beef instead of semi-cured beef – so the dark, jerky like beef slices caught me a little off guard. Personally I’d prefer if the cured beef was changed out for seared beef, as this texture combined with the khom leaves was just a little unusual for me. The coconut definitely made for some interesting flavour sensations though!

Saan Ponsonby Auckland Review Metro Top 50

Pad Pak

Our mains, Pad Pak and Sao Isaan, are just as beautiful and fresh looking as our starters. This is my kind of food. Full of vegetables and herbs, they were both delicious on the night and the left overs perhaps even more delicious the day after. I can’t say that they felt hugely different flavour wise, though the Sao Isaan definitely had more of a lemongrass vibe. I loved the juicy straw mushrooms (they don’t actually resemble straw as I erroneously assumed, they grow on rice straw, hence the name) and the firm tofu was divine. Both dishes are spicy…enjoyably, addictively spicy, but spicy nonetheless. Just a warning for the faint of heart. If you have an aversion to heat, stick to the first dishes listed in each category of the menu – they get progressively more spicy as you move down the list. Another impressive piece of menu wizardry from Saan.

Saan is certainly a world away from your usual Thai fare and there are enough amazing dishes on the menu that should keep your tastebuds entertained for many visits. The service is lovely, the decor light, warm and cosy, and the prices extremely good. Make this your new regular Thai joint now.

The Verdict:

Food: 17.8/20
Service: 8.8/10
Ambience: 8.3/10
Decor: 8.1/10
Value: 9.2/10
Overall Rating: 8.7/10

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