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I’ll admit it – I’d been holding off revisiting Morah. After previously attending a pop-up dinner there featuring an imported chef from a two-star restaurant that didn’t go well on all counts, I was once bitten, twice shy.

With guests in town however, I seized the opportunity to showcase the stunning views of Dubai that Morah affords from its 71st floor location in the JW Marriott Marquis hotel – first of course, taking in the sunset over cocktails at my long-standing fave, Weslodge. The fact that Morah specializes in cuisine more local to the region than most was a bonus.

What we ordered…
CRISPY ARTICHOKES // Labneh + Fennel + Honey + Olive Oil + Barbari Bread   70
GRASS FED STEAK TARTARE // Argan Oil Aioli + Mint + Red Chili + Crisp Shallot   95
LAMB RIBS // Dukkah + Buttermilk Sauce + Carob Molasses + Red Chili Schug   90
BLACK TRUFFLE PIDE // Buffalo Mozzarella + Halloumi + Tartufata  110

Firstly, when you visit Morah, you simply have to order the crispy artichokes. A totally unique and insanely delish take on chip and dip, these crunchy, creamy and sweet morsels will have you craving more. They are on my list of my favorite dishes in Dubai – they are that good. Those artichokes are a tough act to follow, but Morah’s steak tartare and lamb ribs were by no means overshadowed. If you like steak tartare you really need to try their Middle Eastern take on the French classic – it’s really different – and I’ve got to put the lamb ribs on the must order list too. On par with top 100 restaurant Estela‘s ridiculously good ribs.

When it comes to pide, Ruya‘s three cheese and egg pide is often touted as the one to beat in Dubai. I never saw what all the fuss was about with that one, but in my books, this is the gold standard when it comes to boat-shaped bread delicacies in Dubai. Truffle lovers, you will go mad for this one.

TURKISH MANTI DUMPLINGS // Smokey Eggplant + Yogurt Sauce + Molasses + Paprika Butter.  60
48 HOUR SHORT RIB // Carob Molasses + Green Schug + Onion Bhaji   105
BLACK TRUFFLE RICE // Wild Mixed Mushroom + Urfa Pepper + Cumin Crème Fraiche   110
260G USDA PRIME STRIPLOIN // Horse Radish Tzatziki + Roasted Garlic + Cheme   250
ROASTED BRUSSELS SPROUTS // Haloumi + Tahighurt + Sujuk Migas + Nora Pepper + Lemon   50

I’ve fallen in love with manti since moving to Dubai (they’re like little Turkish ravioli) and Morah’s now officially top the chart. They’re incredible, and one of the best value dishes on the menu also.

Speaking of value, Morah is a little on the pricey side (my favorite artichokes clock in at a surprisingly high 70dhs) but hey, you do have some of Dubai’s best views – usually as the floor number goes up, so does the price I find. At least Morah delivers well and truly on quality, which I can’t say for most restaurants with a view….(looking at you, Shimmers on the Beach).

Speaking of that view, take a tour of Morah…

The meat dishes at Morah more than met expectations – our short rib and steak were nothing short of spectacular. The short rib was juicy, with the spicy-yet-sweet signature that was the thread that linked the meal together, and our steak flavorful with the perfect bark. The truffle rice (yes, more truffle – don’t judge) with its cumin creme fraiche and the Brussels sprouts with haloumi rounded out the main course nicely.

I even thoroughly enjoyed the desserts, which was surprising. Middle Eastern desserts don’t usually do it for me, I’ll admit. In fact, our evening at Morah was almost impossible to fault (save for a cocktail fail – have to say, the cocktail list at Morah really isn’t my jam). It was so good that we were still discussing it the next day over dinner at another pretty great establishment. All diners unequivocally expressed that they would return in a heartbeat, myself included – I’ll most definitely have to return for brunch sooner rather than later. Morah is undoubtedly one of the very best restaurants in Dubai right now – if it had the incredible decor of it’s sibling Weslodge (the Miami Vice salmon pink stylings don’t really work at night, they’re more suited to daytime), it would be very tough to beat. Not that you’ll notice, as I imagine you’ll probably be too captivated by the spectacular view and the stunning food on the plate…

If you haven’t visited Morah yet, you’re missing out. Trust me. 

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