Lost Heaven – Shanghai, China

Situated in a lovely yet unassuming villa set amongst what seems like bridal parlour alley, we eagerly descended upon Lost Heaven Shanghai, ravenous and ready to experience delicious Yunnan food.

Lost Heaven ShanghaiLost Heaven specializes in ‘Yunnan Folk Cuisine’ – according to the internet, it features influences from Mongolian, Tibetan, Szechuan and Northern Thai cuisines. To my tastebuds, Thai/Chinese fusion really sums up the flavours on offer here. This beautiful mélange of tastes made for a rich, yet light and flavoursome meal, boasting lots of fresh herbs and vegetables. Just what one needs after a long flight!

Lost Heaven’s interiors are dark and moody with a warm and welcoming ambience, thanks to the heavy use of red colours and lights. It’s a rather large venue, so while we were seated on the second floor, there are plenty of great tables and areas in this venue to dine. Again, it’s dark – on occasions we had to whip out the iPhone light to decode the menu, but that’s not unusual – it reminded me of Bobby Chin’s in Hanoi that had a similarly dark environment (perhaps even darker!). It all adds to the very relaxing vibe going on here…just don’t be too jetlagged, you might fall asleep!

Lost Heaven Shanghai

Jin-Bo Style Salad

Our first dish was the ‘Jin-Bo Style Salad’ – and it was a delight. It’s a salad, yes – but there was more meat in this salad than any salad I’ve come across in all my dining years! The chicken was so flavourful, a little crispy like it had been twice cooked perhaps, complemented by masses of beautiful fresh herbs. My dining companion voted this dish as her favourite of the night – definitely a dish I could eat on a regular basis! So fresh and delicate, yet hearty.

Next was the ‘Ancient Trail Pork’ – chunks of juicy pork belly with superb crackling. I mean, what is pork belly without crackling? It’s simple – just the marinated pork, with a sweet ginger and plum style dipping sauce. I loved it – a little too rich for my friend, but hey that’s pork belly.

Lost Heaven Shanghai

Ancient Trail Pork

The ‘Dai Tribe Pork Lettuce Wraps’ came presented in a do-it-yourself style, with juicy, delicious pork mince ready to be wrapped in lettuce with cucumber. It may not have ‘wowed’ but it was solid and very tasty – in fact it tasted even better as leftovers for breakfast the next morning. Might have to toss the cereal in favour of a more Asian style breakfast I think!

Our last dish was the ‘Mandalay Noodles’ – wow. Just wow. These knocked our socks off. Not too spicy, not too saucy – just freaking delicious. We wolfed them down. Order these!!

The wine selection was surprisingly pretty good – we ordered a bottle of Australian Chardonnay for what we thought was a very reasonable 280 Yuan. It pleased even our fussy Kiwi palettes.

The total bill came to 556 yuan for two, including a bottle of wine and leftovers for breakfast the next day. We couldn’t fault the taste, service or venue – no gripes at all, which makes this great value in my books. Apparently this branch of Lost Heaven (there are two) trumps the one on the Bund – but I don’t think you can go wrong with a visit to either. Pick the one that suits your itinerary. Just go!

Cost per person conversion: 154 AED, 42 USD, 29 GBP, 61 AUD, 38 Euro, 61 CAD, 65 NZD. Very fair pricing.

The Verdict:

Food: 17.5/20
Service: 8/10
Ambience: 8.5/10
Decor: 8.5/10
Value: 8.5/10
Overall Rating: 8.5/10

We recommend:

Mandalay Noodles & Jin Bo Style Salad


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