Lime Tree Cafe – SZR, Dubai

Having heard a lot about Lime Tree and never having gone, it seemed like a good opportunity to pop in when a fellow kiwi suggested a lunch catch up.

imageAfter quite the confusion about which branch we were meeting at (there are now two, with the original being in Jumeirah), we eventually arrived at the Sheikh Zayed Road branch.  It’s not much to look at from the outside, being part of one of the many personality-devoid complexes bordering the motorway. On stepping inside, things improve, andsuddenly it’s an oasis of semi-industrial-organic-chic. The first thing you notice is a retail section, and then onwards to the right you have the main cafe. There’s no table service here – you order at the counter, oh how kiwi!


imageUpon perusing the cabinets and the menu, things started to sour for me. It’s fairly standard cafe fare, or what I call, ‘mum food’. Yes, it’s one of those haunts that mums go to for coffee group, pushing the pram, pre-school pick up, post-school pick up. If you fall in to this crowd wanting coffee and cake, hey maybe this is the place for you. Prices are very fair too, so that’s a plus. But for a foodie like me? Eeeek – this is my idea of hell. Cabinets of same-same sandwich variations, quiche and salads…boring.


An entire a la carte menu board (of which there are two) was dedicated to eggs. Eggs. Oh yay. Wanting to abort the mission but having to follow through so as not to be rude to our guests, the hubby gives up (also not finding anything he wanted to order) and orders poached eggs on toast (boring, but had enough protein to satisfy his needs) and I reluctantly choose a pumpkin and feta tart. I ask before ordering whether the tart will come with a green salad, and the response is affirmative in nature. Sadly when it arrives to the table the salad is completely absent, and after requesting it, my meal returns with a few green leaves on the plate sans dressing. Uninspiring one might say.

So the pumpkin tart is actually pretty good despite being rather monotonous, and hubby doesn’t complain about his very standard issue eggs – not that there was really much to comment on. As far as the food goes, it’s good. But it’s just. So. Boring. I’m from NZ, and this is standard cafe fare that’s been on offer for at least the last 10 to 15 years. There’s much more inspiring cafe food on offer back home. I feel like I’ve been transported back to the timewarp that is Sierra Cafe et al in Auckland. Yawn! It’s all so carb heavy too – potatoes, breads, grains, cakes. I did expect more innovation from these guys – it feels like here the cafe food genre has stood completely still for some time. Surely there are ways to update the food to reflect modern culinary movements without alienating the mum brigade? Well, I’m not sure I’ll be back to find out.

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