Late Night Street Noodles – Shanghai, China

Now, this is one I can’t give you an address for….it’s a chance-upon-it kinda thing. But that’s what makes it even better, right?

We came back from a night out in need of wine…#travellerproblems. Despite it being about 2 degrees and raining, we decided we’d go out for a stroll to find the nearest Family Mart – they sell wine! Unsurprisingly, you’ll find Jacob’s Creek here – they seem to have accomplished world domination! No it’s not cheap, well, around 2.5-3x the price of a bottle in NZ or Australia, but it’s late night wine. From a convenience store. Awesome.

IMG_4995Anyway, on to the food. Enroute we discovered a little lady and her little cart, frying up a storm for passers by. Too good an opportunity to pass up! A local waiting translates my allergy card to her (god bless the kindness of strangers) and off she went, frying up two different bags of goodness. And I mean literally, bags. These are served in plastic shopping bags – from which you could eat then and there if you really wanted to, but given it was 2 degrees we toddled off back to our AirBnB with our Family Mart wine and plastic bag noodles. And what a feast we had. Could anything be more delicious at 3am than plastic bag noodles? I challenge you to find something better. It’s like the Asian version of a late night kebab. We scoffed them down and they are a sure cure to ward off the next day’s hangover. And a pretty cool experience to boot. We found ours in the French Concession, but I’m sure you’ll spot them somewhere near you. Almost a reason to stay up late.

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