Hija de Sanchez – Copenhagen, Denmark

As part of the Opinionated About Dining weekend in Copenhagen, we were invited to taste the creations of Hija de Sanchez – a taqueria created by Rosa Sanchez, an ex-Noma chef with a passion for bringing authentic Mexican cuisine to the masses.

They have two locations, Kødbyen and Torvehallerne, and we popped into the latter to experience what are apparently the finest tacos Copenhagen has to offer. This is clearly a labour of love for Chef Rosa – she’s spent a year sourcing the best corn and scouring Mexico for the most authentic techniques to bring back to Denmark.

Each day three different flavours of tacos are on offer, and two varieties of palettas. More on those later, but first, the tacos. Firstly, I have no doubt that these have an authentic taste. A thick corn tortilla that tastes nothing like the supermarket version holds pork belly on one taco, and a disc of melted cheese and avocado on the other (well, the website describes it much better as 2 month aged cow’s cheese, guacachile, salsa merit, avocado, onion cilantro).

If you’re used to the real thing from south of the border, I think you’d love these. For my admittedly westernised tastes, they were a little on the sour side for me, and I just wanted more going on (plus a little more salt). These tacos didn’t have any of the frills we’re used to heaping on tacos – guac, sour cream etc. Have to say I kind of missed them. I tried to amp things up with the habanero sauce on offer, and well, amp things up it did! It certainly packed a punch, an admittedly deliciously addictive one. The beer came very much in handy post habanero overdose. I was just craving a little more moisture, more sweetness to these tacos, and for the pork belly to be juicer, perhaps some crackling thrown into the mix like I’ve seen on some great tacos in New Zealand previously (at an establishment aptly named Mexico, if you’re wondering). So for me, I can see that these tacos are true to their heritage, but the end result didn’t really do it for my tastebuds.

The next course however, hit it out of the park. The paletas (Mexican ice blocks) were sensational. These too change on a daily basis, with two different flavours available each day. On the day we visited the flavours were avocado and chocolate & licorice. Avocado is ridiculously hot right now (right, Instagram? How about one MILLION more photos of avocado on toast for crying out loud? Some more bloody avocado roses?) and while this incantation may have been ice cold, it was certainly on fire! Creamy with a touch of sweetness, this is a great choice for those that don’t have a massive sweet tooth, and a nice antidote to the aforementioned habanero sauce. The chocolate & licorice however was even better in my books. I suppose it helps that I’m a massive licorice fan though! It reminded me of chocolate coated licorice bullets. Scrumptious and super silky and creamy.

Hija de Sanchez is well worth sampling if you’re visiting the food market, especially for the paletas. Or if you have a craving for seriously authentic tacos. I’d love to see their offerings expanded beyond just tacos though to give me a reason to pop by again next time I’m in town.

The Verdict:

Tacos: 6/10
Paletas: 9/10
Beer: Pretty awesome
Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Torvehallerne, Frederiksborggade 21
Monday – Thursday 12.00-19.00, Friday 12.00-20.00
Saturday 12.00-18.00, Sunday 12.00-17.00

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