Elevation Burger – Umm Suqeim, Dubai

I’m always keen to find the best burger in town. I had often thought about giving Elevation Burger a go, given that it sits not far from home on Jumeirah Beach Road, taunting me each time I drive past. After a night in watching a TV program aptly titled ‘Hungry Investors’ that featured two burger restaurants, a sudden burger craving had to be satisfied. The time had come.

No drive through here, a bit of a bummer given the ‘feels like’ temperature of 55 degrees. Ahh, Dubai summer. So let me give you a quick rundown – this is fast food after all.

What we ordered:

Elevation Burger  –  39

B.B.Q. Cheddar Chicken Burger  –  32

Fiery Fries  –  30

Grilled Chicken Breast Tenderloins – 32

Elevation Burger Dubai ReviewFirstly, the burgers are small – they are Shake Shack sized. Not quite what we’re accustomed to at the nearby neighbour Burger Fuel. Not a huge range of burger types, in fact quite limited, but you can choose a basic burger like the ‘Elevation Burger’ and customise it with as many standard toppings as you like. We chose to do this, and it turned out pretty good. Have to say, the beef in their burgers is superb and super juicy (organic too apparently). Another plus – the cheese is fab. Very processed tasting, but fab nonetheless.

The chicken burger didn’t fare so well. The chicken tenderloins are a bit too small for the already petite yellow coloured bun, pretty bland, and on the whole the burger was just underwhelming. Usually I find the chicken burger offering better than the beef, but not so here.

Still, the chicken burger was better than the tenderloins. Wow, these were, well, I hate to say it – terrible. Basic, bland, pieces of chicken on plain lettuce. Yikes. Not dry though, I’ll give them that. These were really disappointing unless you’re a body builder, then you’d probably just be grateful for the protein.

Elevation Burger Fiery Fries Dubai ReviewThe fries were a hit though – I’m not even normally a fan of fries (and I was lamenting the lack of onion rings on the menu), but this was practically a burger with the bun substituted for strings of potato. Cheese, jalapeños, sauce and a crumbled burger patty made for pretty tasty toppings.

Price wise, I wouldn’t call it great value, and if you’re keen on trying the beef, maybe go for delivery – it’s not the greatest environment dining in. The space is so huge and largely unused, they should really open a second concept in the massive two story villa they occupy…I don’t know how they can justify the spend on this space on such a busy road!

All in all, I’m not sure Elevation Burger has managed to scale the lofty heights it’s name eludes to. The quest for the perfect burger continues…

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