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Ebisu Britomart Auckland Metro Top 50 Restaurant Review

Despite being a stalwart on the Metro Top 50 scene since it’s opening, the Ebisu menu had never been able to lure me to it’s waterfront location, even though I’ve dined all around it over the years. This time however, some delicious sounding dishes and multiple mentions of truffle oil managed to get me over the line.

Ebisu Britomart Auckland Metro Top 50 Restaurant ReviewI tried to book on the fly, as I tend to do when I’m on a trip. A broken mobile website was not a great start, but there was still a link to their booking engine – it told me no tables for three tonight but try and call the restaurant. The restaurant, I was told by whomever answered the phone, did indeed have many tables available tonight, didn’t I know they don’t take bookings for small parties (a message that doesn’t show on their broken mobile site, which shows just a booking engine that is set up for small bookings) and yes they know their mobile site has been broken for ages but aren’t sure if/when something will be done about it. I suppose this should have been a warning that perhaps the finer details are perhaps not top priority at Ebisu.

We rock up to a large and dimly lit industrial space that’s on the minimal side, save for a row of picturesque cherry blossoms. The menu looks divine (though wine selections a little thin on the ground and a tad pricey, but I’m told sake is really their focus here), it’s well constructed and just the right size.

We ordered:

Free Range Karaage Chicken, mixed carrot salad & soy onion dressing – 18
Sticky Pork Belly, pickled red cabbage & sesame —5 pieces – 34
Seared Cambridge Duck Breast, soy & ginger, pickled nashi pear, shichimi pepper & green tea salt – 34
Paper Thin Salad – daikon, carrot, beetroot, cucumber, plum shiso dressing & baby coriander – 8
Vegetable Tempura seasonal vegetables, dipping broth – 18

The choices on offer are a mix of small and large plates, and the above was an adequate serving for three people. We’re told to order sharing style as dishes won’t arrive simultaneously. No problem there, I prefer a sharing style format over a la carte anyway.

We may not be at a fast-food restaurant, but this is fast food restaurant – the karaage, salad and tempura arrive speedily. The karaage is juicy and delicious, though the pieces are very large and require a lot of nibbling to get through. Ask for some mayo on the side – doesn’t Japanese mayo make everything better (especially karaage)? I think I prefer the version from Fukuko I had years ago, a tiny joint situated out the back of Ebisu (I believe they may share a kitchen), but this is good stuff – I’d just like more manageable piece sizes, especially when sharing.

Ebisu Britomart Auckland Metro Top 50 Restaurant ReviewThe tempura is also jumbo sized, and tasty too – the large pumpkin slices win over the more floury kumara pieces, so get in and fight your fellow diners for those first! Lovely light and crispy batter, the dipping sauce ain’t half bad either. The ‘Paper Thin Salad’ could be more accurately described as ‘Perhaps More Like Cardboard Thickness Salad’ and while it’s curls were a beautiful surprise, they really needed to be thinner to integrate better with the dressing. Points for presentation though, the design and colour were really beautiful.

Before we’ve had a chance to finish these dishes, the large plates arrive and it’s all feeling much too fast paced for me. I don’t want my dining experience at this type of establishment, and at these type of prices, to feel rushed – and that’s exactly how I felt. With our entire order arriving in such quick succession, I felt too full to enjoy the large plates and found myself just forcing the food down as it was all going cold. For me, the pacing was completely off here, and no it’s not because of the sharing plates/’it will arrive when we want it to’ system, I’m no stranger to that. The call for last orders around 15 minutes later makes me wonder if they were just trying to rush us through in order to close up (despite our order not being late in the night and there being around ten tables seated in the restaurant). This notion was reinforced when they began ‘spray’n’wiping’ the tables next to us – I can tell you, wafts of cleaning spray don’t really add anything good in terms of aroma or taste to your meal. It also doesn’t make for a pleasant dining experience.

Ebisu Britomart Auckland Metro Top 50 Restaurant ReviewBack to the food – both of our ‘large plate’ dishes ticked the boxes in the ‘yummy’ and ‘would order again’ category. The pork belly was sticky and sweet, with five large chunks adorning a long plate. Again, we’re in a sharing scenario though, and five doesn’t usually divide into the number of diners at a table. The pork was a tad dry and not quite tender enough to break up with your chopsticks, so you’re left having to attack the meat caveman style with chopstick spears in an attempt to make it more divisible between diners. A larger number of smaller pieces would have made life much easier (or hey, slightly more tender pork would probably do it too).

Ebisu Britomart Auckland Metro Top 50 Restaurant ReviewThe duck breast was well cooked, though tenderness varied with which piece you chose. The plate was sprinkled with two great garnishes – shichimi, and an amazing green tea salt. The sweet, salty and spicy flavours came together with the more sour pickled pear to create a very satisfying and interesting dish. It did have some of the same issues with eatability though – it would have been a cinch to navigate with a knife and fork, but if you’re only given chopsticks then this needs to be considered. Fine curls of pickled pear would have been much more appropriate than three large chunky slices that were hard to eat in combination with the duck (thinner slices of the duck may have avoided some of the chewier portions also).

Ebisu Britomart Auckland Metro Top 50 Restaurant ReviewAll in all, Ebisu was a somewhat confusing experience. The flavours are really, really great, and t’s definitely worth a visit for the food alone – but it’s the little things, the execution, that lets them down. Those things that Michelin inspectors look for, the difference between achieving a recommendation and a star, one star and two. That lack of ‘minding the details’ that I encountered when booking was echoed with the unnecessarily speedy pacing, dish presentation that while really beautiful, didn’t lend itself to the dining equipment provided (in this case, chopsticks), and that feeling that staff just wanted to get outta there – going as far as to be spraying down tables next to diners still eating. If it was midnight, ok I get it – but 9:30? Sheesh guys, Auckland’s not that sleepy! Diners shouldn’t feel like they are being rushed out of the place. Oh, and for the member of staff who informed our party that the mobile website had absolutely no issues, never had, and the staff member who acknowledged that it was a well known issue must have been mistaken, there’s a screenshot in the gallery below (and a job opportunity for a web designer).

I think it’s time to put a little love back into the art of hospitality at Ebisu – but send my (well deserved) regards to the chef.

The Verdict:

Food: 18.3/20
Service: 7.1/10
Ambience: 7.1/10
Decor: 7.6/10
Value: 7.2/10
Overall Rating: 7.9/10

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