The Dubai Dish List 2016

Choosing where to go and what to order in a city with as many options as Dubai can be an overwhelming task – I’ve been there!

Let me help make short work of that by sharing with you (in my opinion) the must eat dishes out there in the Dubai dining wilderness. These are dishes that for me, were love at first bite. Make sure you bookmark this list as I’ll keep updating it with the most delicious dishes in Dubai as I discover them. Is there a dish you think I should try? Get in touch with me here! 

Royal China Dubai Review

THE GYOZA. Oh, the gyoza!

Pan Fried Gyoza at Royal China, DIFC – 35dhs

Insanely good gyoza can be yours for the bargain price of 35 for 3pcs at Royal China. Is one plate enough? Probably not! I can’t remember the last time I was this blown away biting into a dumpling (Din Tai Fung excluded).
Read all about these gyoza and more about Royal China here.


Gaucho Dubai Brunch Review

Cornbread, corn empanadas & short ribs.

A Trio of Delicacies at Gaucho

Cheesy cornbread, corn empanadas and beef short ribs – simply attend a Gaucho Friday brunch, and just like a foodie Pokemon Go, you can catch ’em all. Plus, they let you order seconds. And thirds, if you’re a world champion eater.

Read all about the full Gaucho brunch experience here.


Craft Cafe Dubai D3 Review

Duck Waffles!

Duck Waffles at Craft Cafe, D3 – 48dhs

SO good. Yet potentially SO bad for you. I don’t even care, screw the diet – these are fab. I mean, DUCK. Plus WAFFLES. Just trust me on this one. An orange sauce (which I’ll admit I am not usually a fan of) finishes this dish of with a touch of sweet citrus perfection. Delish.

Read all about these fab waffles and more about Craft Cafe at Dubai Design District here.



Wakame Dubai Restaurant Review

Burrata with eggplant and yuzu truffle

Crispy Eggplant & Burrata with Yuzu Truffle at Wakame – 80

Oozy burrata, plus eggplant with a crispy outer and gooey interior…rich, decadent, delicious fusion done right. Did I mention burrata?

Read more about Wakame, Sofitel Downtown, here. 




The Rib Room Review Jumeirah Emirates Towers DIFC Dubai

THIS Wagyu Rib Eye

Australian Wagyu Boneless Rib Eye at The Rib Room, Emirates Towers – 595dhs

Best. Steak. Ever. End of story.

Get my in depth run-down of The Rib Room, Emirates Towers, here.


Vanitas at Palazzo Versace Dubai Review

Lamb, glorious lamb

Slow Cooked Lamb at Vanitas, Palazzo Versace – 190dhs

Tender, juicy meat that delicately coats your palate in just the right amount of lamb fat in the best way imaginable. Smooth, sweet NZ lamb flavour all the way.

Read all about this lamb and more about Vanitas here.


Tresind Dubai Chaat Trolley Review

It’s Chaat, it’s art, it’s…Chaart?

Chaat Trolley at Tresind

A food art masterpiece, this is a dish that tastes as delicious as it looks. A symphony of tastes and textures, this is a dish best suited for a party of four – or a very hungry twosome perhaps! You can’t visit Tresind and bypass this unique creation, it’s a must order. Every time.

Read more about Tresind here. 


Treehouse at Taj Dubai La Guinguette Brunch Review

Warning: letting me near a plate of this tempura may cause it to disappear.

Truffle Vegetable Tempura at Tesoro & Treehouse

So good, I once at three plates of it. They were small plates, ok? Not my proudest moment but this is a dish the Tesoro kitchen should certainly be proud of. Not pictured: the piece de resistance, the truffle mayo goo that makes this dish heavenly. Deep fried + truffle? Bliss!


Cachapas at Toro Toro Dubai

A traditional Venezuelan and Colombian dish

Cachapas at Toro Toro, Grosvenor House

Pancakes with cheese, sour cream, and meat? It sounds so weird but tastes so good, you’ll be fighting over the last piece. Check out the brunch for unlimited reorders, if your stomach is up to the challenge!

Read more about the Toro Toro, Grosvenor House Dubai here.


Katana Downtown Dubai Review

The dish with no name, so I named it.

I call it, ‘AZocado on Rice’, Katana

This is a dish with no name, not even on the menu, but served to me at Katana and it’s so good. Especially if you love avocado. And rice.

Read more about Katana here.

Do you know of a dish that belongs on this list?

Get in touch with me here or leave a comment below!

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