Comptoir 102 – Jumeirah, Dubai

Comptoir 102 is not just a restaurant. Or if you’re a born shopper, not just a retail outlet. If you like a) kale b) yoga c) positive mantras or all of the above, I think you’ll like this place too. Being part home decor, part fashion boutique and part restaurant, this is also probably a place you’ll part with your cash!

First thing I noticed when I read the menu…a total absence of meat. Thank god I didn’t bring my husband here, he may have had a panic attack. So if you’re vege/vegan this place is your jam. A rather small menu too, so it did take a while to pick something that floated my boat as I’m not a massive carb lover and lots on the menu tends to involve carbs due to the lack of meat/protein options.

Being an avocado and seaweed fan I eventually made a great choice with the Seaweed Pesto dish. Piles of avocado (something you come to treasure in Dubai) and the seaweed was delicious too. The linseed crackers were nice enough but I needed about three more to get the right avocado:seaweed:rye ratio. I felt rather healthy and righteous after eating this. Perhaps a good hangover spot if you’re feeling like you need to cure your ails from the night before and a full English is not what you’re looking for. I’m probably not ‘earth mother’ enough to dine here all the time, but a cool change in Dubai. Definitely one for health freaks and those with vegan/vegetarian dietary requirements. A Saturday morning spot.

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