Clooney – Auckland, New Zealand

Clooney. A name that for many Aucklanders likely conjures up images of a long-standing, industrial-glam, fine dining restaurant on Sale Street. For those residing outside of Auckland however, the only Clooney they’re likely to be familiar with is better known for assisting patients in the emergency department and orchestrating casino heists. Somehow I think Jacob Kear’s arrival at Clooney is going to go a… Read More

+ The Grove Auckland Review

The Grove – Auckland, New Zealand

The Grove is every bit a legend on the Auckland scene. Not only has it consistently been at the pointy end of every list in town for as many years as I can remember, but it’s also been New Zealand’s Noma or El Bulli of sorts – in that it’s been the training ground that has spawned many of New Zealand’s most renown chefs…. Read More

+ Tucks and Bao Newmarket Auckland Review

Tucks and Bao – Newmarket, Auckland

Having read some good things about this new eatery, it’s Newmarket location made it the perfect location at which to catch up with local friends on my most recent trip to Auckland. I previously worked just up the road from this venue, and knew it’s previous occupants well – I still remember Market Kitchen’s stellar eye fillet, celeriac and watercress dish fondly. I have… Read More

+ Cibo Auckland New Zealand Restaurant Review

Lunch at Cibo – Parnell, Auckland

There’s just something about Cibo. It’s not easy to find, tucked away on a back street in the city fringe. Sure, it sits hidden amongst high-end furniture stores (mostly patronised by Interior Designers on the Eastern Suburbs dime), a fab French market (La Cigale), a fab wine shop (Caro’s) and offices, but you wouldn’t know it’s there unless you know it’s there. Despite its lack… Read More

Cassia – Auckland, New Zealand

You only need one reason to book a table at Cassia, and that reason is Sid Sahrawat. Cuisine NZ’s Chef of the Year 2016 and the man behind one of New Zealand’s most lauded restaurants (and a personal favourite of mine), SIDART, is lending his magic touch to Indian cuisine and the results are even better than I expected. Actually, of course I should have… Read More


Masu – Auckland, New Zealand

Nic Watt’s Masu at Sky City Grand has been bestowed with plenty of accolades over the years, including Metro’s Restaurant of the Year 2014, and currently holds two Cuisine Good Food chef hats. To be honest, I was never sure whether it would live up to the hype – pre-launch it even had it’s own TV series highlighting Chef Nic Watt’s Japanese cooking and recipes…. Read More


Blue Breeze Inn – Auckland, New Zealand

Occupying prime spot in the Ponsonby Central complex, Blue Breeze Inn is another stunner from the Mark Wallbank/Chef Che Barrington stable. If you’ve dined at any of their other restaurants, you’ll know the kind of food they serve up – big, bold Asian flavours with some good heat and a touch of sweetness. Accompanied by a little Kiwi attitude, of course. This is one… Read More


The Store, Britomart – Auckland, New Zealand

I have to admit, in the past the very breakfast/brunch focused menu at The Store hasn’t been able to entice me – but as today that was exactly what we were looking for, it ticked the box. Nestled in between Sass & Bide and Lululemon, this is a yummy mummy haunt and a good choice for a Britomart refuel. Owned by the Hip Group,… Read More


The French Cafe – Auckland, New Zealand

One of Auckland’s most iconic restaurants, The French Cafe has been stamping it’s mark on the Auckland fine dining for over ten years. Hidden away in a corner of the Auckland outer CBD where one would not expect to find such a high end establishment, the blacked out windows give little indication of what lies inside. Winner of Best Fine Dining, Best Chef and… Read More


Woodpecker Hill – Auckland, New Zealand

The newest addition to restaurant maven Mark Wallbank and Chef Che Barrington’s portfolio of incredibly successful partnerships, Woodpecker Hill more than holds it’s own alongside it’s stablemates, the Ponsonby institutions that are Moo Chow Chow and Blue Breeze Inn. Any of the three makes for a fantastic choice of dining venue – just to prove it, today Woodpecker Hill made it a trifecta of admissions to the 2016… Read More