+ Fine Dining Myths Debunked by Zoe Bowker

Fine Dining Myths Debunked

The term ‘fine dining’ has come under a lot of fire lately. Everyone seems to be scrambling to define their restaurant as anything but. Why are restaurants now scared of being labelled ‘fine dining’? Is it because the general population are intimidated by the old school notion of fine dining, without realising what it really means today? In my eyes, it’s a term to… Read More

+ Nobu Matsuhisa and Zoe Bowker

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa Interview

The Nobu brand is a globally recognisable name, conjuring up images of sophisticated sushi and celebrity endorsements – starting with it’s co-owner, Robert de Niro. Behind all the glitz and glamour, the restaurants, the hotels and sake lines, lies a fascinating story of triumph over adversity. I’m almost surprised they haven’t made a movie of Chef Nobu’s life yet, but then this blockbuster script is still… Read More

+ La Farine Dubai JW Marriott Turkey Christmas Dinner Review

The Turkey Takeaway with all the Trimmings – La Farine, JW Marriott Marquis

One of the best things about Christmas in Dubai is that while it’s certainly different to most expat’s home countries, it has a lot of wonderful upsides. One of these is definitely that spending all day in the kitchen is not required. In fact, I’ll don’t think I’ll ever cater Christmas myself ever again! Why slave away over a hot stove for hours upon hours… Read More

+ Budapest Wine Tours Hungary Wine Tasting

The Wine Lover’s Guide To: Budapest

Budapest would have to be one of my favourite destinations in the world right now. It’s officially the cheapest city in the world in which to drink – so wine lovers, you’re going to be in heaven here. In fact, everything is great value in Budapest. The stunning scenery in Buda and Pest (each side of the river carries a name that forms part… Read More

+ The Ivy Dubai Restaurant News

December To-Do: Farewell The Ivy

British cuisine fans, we’ve got news that may sadden you. The Ivy, a Dubai institution via way of Dubai, is closing on New Year’s Eve! (Well, we’re hoping that a re-opening announcement will follow.) It seems Emirates towers is shaking up its food and beverage offering, having just killed off one of my favourite Dubai venues, the karaoke dive bar that was Harry Ghatto’s…. Read More