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Checking out the brunch at Bayside at the very new Steigenberger, Business Bay, I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect – German food to mach the origin of the brand perhaps?

It seems they are leaving the German fare to their upcoming restaurant, Brothouse, (meaning bread house in German), and going the oh-so-Dubai route of international cuisine. You may know by now I don’t particularly favour the ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ approach, but at the modest price tag I’m intrigued to see how the value proposition stacks up.

Despite the ‘Bayside’ element being out of commission – that is, the canal construction is hidden behind large sheets outside, the restaurant is sophisticated and airy. The perks of being a new construction I suppose. There is certainly plenty of food on offer too, and I can see they have tried hard to make it as fresh and customisable as possible within their space. Speaking of fresh, upon being seated you are given a stack of cards adorned with your table number which you then use to order dishes ‘a la minute’ that will be made to order for you and brought to your table. A nice touch.
For seafood lovers, there’s an ice bar with fresh shellfish a plenty and lots of beautiful sushi. There’s sushi for the vegetarians too which was delish – would you believe I went back for THIRDS? Yes, thirds! So it’s safe to say the sushi is a good bet – head there first before filling up too much!

I also enjoyed the pasta station where they will whip up a fresh creation in front of you with your choice of ingredients. Mine was fettuccine with a cream sauce base, chilli, chicken and spring onion. Gorgeous! Rather decadent though I must say….should have gone for a run beforehand!

There are options for dim sum, a smattering of local dishes, Indian curries, and even German doner kebab – a nice alternative to shawarma (but fairly similar if I’m honest). The kebab is one of the dishes you can order ‘a la minute’ – as was the truffle risotto. Sadly for the latter however my plate arrived with risotto, sure – but zero trace of the truffle which was a tad perplexing.

The requisite salad bar is there too, and they have an a la minute section with a dish of the day also – ours was a bresaola, cream cheese and spring onion roll that was rather tasty albeit simple. Cheese and bread lovers aren’t forgotten either, or those who want more traditional breakfast fare.

Once you’ve had your savoury fill, there is a dessert bar laden with itty bitty desserts as per your standard buffet offering – but what I was really impressed by was that they had options for those with special food needs such as gluten free cake – fab! They just need to change the way it was presented as due to only one slice of cake being presented of each variety, diners were simply chopping into the slice instead of taking a slice as I suspect was intended, and it looked rather messy by the end of the brunch.

While we’re on a roll with the sweet stuff, did I mention there are chocolate fountains? Yes, plural. I’d recommend chocaholics just head straight there and go nuts with the fruit and marshmallows! There’s also an ice-cream station where they will scoop it for you just like when you were a kid.

Speaking of kids, this is a brunch that’s definitely child friendly, ideal for a casual day out for families wanting to socialise with friends. They have a kids section and play area with food that is sure not to be thrown back at you or left on the plate – think chicken nuggets and the like. I’m afraid I was too big to road test that area however!

Drinks wise, cocktails are a bit limited – there’s a cart that comes around to make them for the table, complete with bell, and on our visit the cocktail of the day was a Moscow Mule. The mixology could use some work, but the concept was cute. Wine wise, it’s Hardy’s (eek – but again, think of the price!), and the options are Sauvignon Blanc or Cabernet Sauvignon. I find both pretty tough going early in the day and they certainly wouldn’t be my first pick, but the red was rather drinkable.

Service is great – you’re always met with a smile and nothing is too much trouble. There was also a live jazz band playing so if this is your thing,  you’re in luck! It’s a very ‘adult’ brunch – no drunken revelry here. Perfect for those who want a more mature brunch offering or have little ones in tow. At

Recently Bayside has now introduced the Colour Brunch concept where the brunch will be themed in a different colour each week. Simply dress in your colour of choice, write it on the entry form at the door and if you correctly guess the colour theme for that day’s brunch then you win a free return brunch!

Packages available:
AED 165, non-alcoholic
AED 215, house beverages
AED 375, sparkling
AED 85 for children between 5-12 years
Children under 5 dine for free

So as you can see the pricing is very reasonable by Dubai standards, and great value for families. I have absolutely no idea why the huge jump in price for the sparkling package when I dare say the sparkling on offer costs hardly any more than the still wine – let’s be honest, it’s not champagne. So I’d stick to the house beverages package for your best value option.
For information and bookings click here or call +971 4 369-0000

The Verdict:

Food: 6.5/10
Service: 8/10
Ambience: 6/10
Decor: 6.5/10
Value: 8.5/10
Overall Rating: 7.1/10
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